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Frank C. Stone, DDS

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Antonio S.

My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

Dear Dr. Stone, I want to express my joy and gratitude for my new smile. For as long as I can remember I have avoided smiling because I have not been happy with my smile. Now not only do I smile more, I find myself wanting to be in pictures. I no longer turn away and laugh at a funny joke. My friends and family have noticed a change and, though I have not told them. I have been asked of I have lost weight. At work my supervisor praised me for taking his advice and smiling more when I am with clients. Before my new smile I was perceived as shy and reserved, but really I felt that I could not smile. Now I am more outgoing and usually greet new clients and friends with a smile. I look forward to what my new smile will bring me both socially and professionally. It’s amazing to me that something most people take for granted can make such an impact in one’s daily life.



Kay D.

Why did I wait so long?

Thank you so much for my beautiful new smile. Not only do I smile more, I actually want to have my picture taken again! I truly appreciate all your hard work and attention to every detail which has given me a smile I will never take for granted. Why did I wait so long?




Important Smile

Before coming to see you I had interviewed several dentists and until walking into your office I had not found the level of perfection I was looking for. You have a gift of making everyone feel as if their smile is the most important smile.



Natalie H.

I was so impressed

No other dentist had ever taken the time to talk with me about the possibilities for my smile. I was so impressed, and learned so much from Dr. Stone. I love the way I look, and I smile all the time since my smile makeover. I get so many compliments and so much attention now because of my beautiful smile. My self-esteem has sky rocketed!



Ian M.

Jun 13, 2005

I always look forward to seeing your entire staff

Dr. Stone, Whenever I hear people complaining about having to go to the dentist I am reminded of how fortunate I am. Whatever dental work I’ve had done in your office-whether it’s my regular teeth cleaning, crown replacement, or the major smile enhancement work I had done last year-I know that your primary focus is to provide exceptional results with a minimum of patient discomfort. Your personal attention, enthusiasm, and extensive skills were evident last year in transforming my motley crew of ill-spaced, irregular and tarnished teeth into a naturally symmetrical and brilliant smile. The improved appearance translated into increased confidence and the freedom to smile openly and interact with people in a more positive, friendly and uplifting way. All my expectations and more were met with the possible exception that I still don’t see my resemblance to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is not returning my calls – although I’m thinking maybe these aren’t dental issues. Speaking of lovely women, I always look forward to seeing your entire staff – Sylvia, Ashley, Linda, and both Nancys. They are all extremely proficient in their work, always professional and caring, and more than that I think of them as my friends that I get to see and talk with every with every once in a while. They make going to the dentist office a pleasure rather than the drudgery many people seem to experience. You and all of your staff should be very proud to be so proficient at your work in a profession that is so critical to health and well-being. I know that my dental health has been significantly enhanced through all of your efforts and that my life has been enriched by knowing all of you.



Kay D.

I’ll see you again soon.

Dear Dr. Stone and Sylvia, I am so appreciative of your kind concern and extraordinary expertise in renewing my smile! Your effort was above and beyond the call of duty. I’ll see you again soon. Thank you!



Cheryl M.

I gave myself a gift of a lifetime… A smile…

My life is full–full-time mother, full-time wife, and full-time career. Each of these take priority and precedence over anything I might do just for me. After working with Dr. Stone and his staff to see what was possible, I gave myself a gift of a lifetime… a smile. It used to be that no one knew I had teeth—I hid them well behind the faintest of smiles. Not so any longer.



Ruth C.

Jun 2, 2004

Thank you so much…

Dear Dr. Stone, Thank you so much for my new smile, it makes me feel so much more confident. Now I have a wide beautiful smile and I’m not feeling self-conscious about smiling anymore! Thanks again.



Tim A.

March 2003

They will always do the job right…

When my friends ask me if I have a good dentist, I always tell them that I have a great dentist in Irvine (I live in Huntington Beach and work in Seal Beach). His name is Dr. Stone and, although the dental care at his office is not “cheap”, I am glad to be able to go to a place where they will always do the job right. In my day-to-day, finding someone who does as they say they will (and more) is an unexpected pleasure. For more than twenty years, I have come to this office for all my dental care. My active and sometimes clumsy lifestyle has led to a number of dental emergencies; one of the earliest (15 years ago) was broken front teeth due to an unplanned flight from my bicycle to a single-point landing on my face(I scored a 9.9). My first crowns and veneers resulted from that mishap, but it was not my last. A few years ago, a silly wrestling match resulted in led to loosened teeth and, although it was Dr. Stone’s Friday off, he came into the office by himself and spent hours fixing me up. A commitment such as his is something a person does not forget. Recently, I had new crowns and veneers installed to replace the much-abused former set. The quality and look of my smile is now the best it has ever been. The teeth look entirely natural and the shaping and color has left me smiling more than ever. Even my bite is now trouble free, thanks to Dr. Stone’s attention to detail. I feel lucky to have a dental office that I can count on; the staff is always friendly and thoughtful and I couldn’t be happier with them. As long as I live in the Southern California area, and as long as he continues his practice, Dr. Stone will be my dentist.



Linda L.

May 25, 2003

Many thanks for your expert care.

Dear Dr. Stone, Let me tell you again how much I appreciate the work we accomplished restoring my dental work, one portion at a time, over several years. Now that this project is accomplished I can look forward to a strong and healthy future with no significant dental work anticipated. This really gives me tremendous peace of mind. I am especially pleased that we started this project before problems developed. Your office was always comfortable, the staff was friendly, the procedures were generally painless, and I left the office able to carry on my routine. Best of all, I have a beautiful smile that gives me a world of confidence as I go about my life. Many thanks for your expert care.



Lily U.

I couldn’t be happier.

When I decided I needed to improve my smile, I went and saw several dentists before I saw Dr. Stone. As soon as I walked into the office, everyone at the office was very, very helpful, and made me feel at ease right away. When I met and talked with Dr. Stone, I realized that I am in good hands right away because being the artist, the perfectionist and very meticulous to detail, I know that he will cater to my individual needs, and will do an exceptional job on my smile. Just like I thought, the result was just exceptional. I am very, very satisfied with the feel, and the look is very, very natural just like my own teeth. I couldn’t be happier. I would like to thank all the staff at the office and Dr. Stone. Because of them, I am smiling every day, and I’m so happy about it.



Natalie H.

Not only a dentist, but an artist…

I was referred to Dr. Stone by a very good friend whose smile I was admiring one day. He told me that Dr. Stone was not only a dentist, but an artist. This intrigued me since I’m also an artist. My intuition was right. After working with Dr. Stone and his team, I now have a beautiful smile. The experience was very pleasurable, and I would highly recommend it to anybody.



Anita S.

May 2009

The Journey to my new smile…

Dr. Stone & staff, Words really cannot adequately express my thanks and appreciation to you and your wonderful staff for making the journey to my new! (and young) smile so smooth, peaceful, and essentially pain-free. I feel I am a ‘new woman’ and I owe it all to you! Almost three years ago you created my ‘dental road-map’ using your careful analytic, technical, and artistic skills. Along the way you included other fine and skilled professionals in my care such as Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Gahagan, and Dr. Cavalieri to assure that I could reach my destination, and that you would be able to create my new smile with the best possible outcome. And that you did achieve! Granted, and naturally so, I was initially hesitant to embark into this dental unknown; but it was with your calm guidance, great expertise, patience, and wonderful support staff that I was able to arrive at my destination- having a wonderful new smile that has made me look years younger, and more importantly, being pain free from previously undiagnosed TMJ. What a difference this has all made in the quality of my life, as I no longer have the constant headaches, and all the issues that go along with a diagnosis of TMJ. That in all of itself was worth it all. I cannot begin to describe the caring and family-like, yet professional, atmosphere of your office. I was always taken care of like I was a personal family member, and now that my ‘make-over’ is complete, I feel blessed to call you all ‘dear friends.’ In particular, I give my heartfelt thanks to Nancy for her tireless cheer and creativeness in handling the administrative aspects of my care; and to Sylvia, for her gentle kindness, skills and moral support, and for just holding my hand through the ‘rough times.’ She is the best! Also, I wish to thank Michele for keeping my smile perfect and shiny, and Nicole and Kirsten for all they contributed as well. The Master cannot work without his Apostles, and God has blessed you with a fine team. For those who are hesitant to embark on such a journey as I have, please feel free to have them contact me. I would be glad to provide them with an A+ recommendation to your office and let them know they are in the best of hands. May God continue to ‘smile’ down on you and your practice in the months and years ahead and me he richly bless you always.



Kimberly H.

I constantly get compliments

Dr. Stone and his professional, caring staff have made my smile make-over an exciting experience. I constantly get compliments on how beautiful my smile is which makes me feel real confident and I just can’t thank him enough, Dr. Stone. He has made a big difference in my life. Thank you!



Bill L.

Oct 10, 2007

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Stone, As I reflect upon this last year, you and your team played a very large role with regard to the experiences I celebrate in 2007. Thank you! Many of my earliest thoughts and recollections as a young child in the late 50’s were in a dental chair. I was blessed with a loving family, incredible health, but very weak and fragile teeth. My parents sacrificed a lot to keep my childhood teeth intact. Through my teen years the majority of my adult teeth were filled with silver, then more silver and root canals. Through my 20’s many sacrifices were made to keep my dental work in order. As you know over 90% of my mouth was filled with 30-year-old mismatched crowns, receding gums, poor alignment, a bad bite, and shall we say very little appeal. As I approached my 50th year it became very apparent that I needed to find a Dentist who was a perfectionist and an artist. I remember hoping to find someone I could partner with to achieve 3 things… (restore oral health, structural integrity, and yes, aesthetic appeal). What I found with you far exceeded my expectations. Your professionalism, confidence and sensitivity to my deteriorating dental situation, along with your artistic traits made me comfortable moving forward to restore my teeth, gums and bite. What I found with your team is a reflection of all that I know you inspired to create in your team. Nancy pulled me through that door and gracefully kept the process on track. Sylvia mirrors your dental goals to its completion, and Michelle gently and respectfully puts the bow on the completed gift. You are an amazing man Dr. Stone, with an amazing team. I am so blessed… smiling ear to ear knowing how fortunate I am every time I eat, brush my teeth or smile. My mouth has been completely restored and God willing…will carry my through the rest of my life. My thanks are to you and your team…for your time restoring my oral health, it’s structural integrity, and yes… aesthetic appeal.